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Real Human

With our YouTube promotion, we not only boost your watch-time and retention, but also your overall video click-through-rate (CTR).

No bots.


Rank Your

As YouTube promotion client, you will receive our secret “YouTube Ranking Blueprint“, ensuring the best possible chance of getting your videos in front of millions of people.


Confidential &

Your YouTube campaigns are 100% anonymous. Nobody will ever know that you used our YouTube Promotion.

This is our guarantee to you.


YouTube Video

You get exclusive & FREE access to our proprietary YouTube promotion “Video Analyzer“. This incredible tool will give you access to your video rankings and so much more.


We’re changing the way people think of YouTube promotion.

The days are gone where you just “buy youtube views“, sit back and hope for the best. You need an all-in-one, real strategic service and approach that not only keeps your channels safe but will stand the test of time.

YouTube Promotion Services
YouTube Promotion


Client campaigns. Our numbers.

Organic YouTube Services

Claim Social Authority offers pretty much anything YouTube related. Buying views from someone in India won’t cut it anymore.

Keyword Rankings

What’s the point of working hard on a video only for it to be ghosted on YouTube. Not on our watch. Our strategies ensure top CTR to get you noticed!

YouTube Promotion Projects

Again, a totally real number there. We’ve been at this since 2013. We even share a few tips to boost your campaigns even more.

Results-driven YouTube campaigns. 0%
100% organic YouTube engagement. 0%
Any niche. Well, almost any. * 0%

*Unfortunately there are a few frowned upon niches that we do not work with.

Tools & Guides

Total Epicness.

At a glance, see all of your campaigns as well as the campaign statuses in real-time. No need to guess whether your campaigns have been completed or not. We detail everything.

Seamlessly integrate with our advanced API system for complete automation of your campaigns. This makes the process completely hands-off.

With every order, you have full access to all the nitty gritty details such as video rankings, campaign growth, video titles, video descriptions, and much, much more!

You also get us with each campaign. Our knowledge. Our tips. Our guides. That’s kinda priceless if you ask us.

The key to

Our success is YOUR success.

Nothing but the best YouTube Promotion.

YouTube views directly from the source.

You’ve worked hard on your project or you have a high profile client and you cannot afford problems. We drive traffic to your projects directly from Google / YouTube and so you can rest assured knowing that your and your client’s campaigns are safe as houses.

Organic user engagement

Views without engagement are about as useful as a peppermint flavoured suppository. If that wasn’t clear enough for you, you need engagement. Real engagement. We got your covered.

Channel growth

Since we ensure organic engagement from actual eyeballs, you can expect to see tremendous channel growth such as an influx in subscribers and more.

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