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Promotion Service.

Real YouTube Views. Real Engagement. Real & Organic Growth.
Real Results.

Join 9K+ Individuals, Music Labels, Businesses, YouTubers, etc. and start growing your YouTube empire.


CTR YouTube views that
your rankings.

Unlike other panels, we do not resell. With us, you buy directly from the source!

Ranking & Growth

THE GOLD STANDARD when it comes to YouTube Views. Not found anywhere else, and if you do, they resell us.

Tracking API

Seamlessly integrate with our advanced API system for complete automation of your campaigns. This makes the process completely hands-off.


With every order, you have full access to all the nitty gritty details such as video rankings, campaign growth, video titles, video descriptions, and more!

The last
YouTube agency
you'll ever need.

On average, the videos we work on rank for at least 2 – 3 high value keywords on YouTube search. Given the amount of videos we’ve ranked for clients, we kinda know what we’re doing.

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Our clients even
get monetized.

Through our YouTube services, 100s of our clients have been able to get monetized on YouTube.




Promo Campaigns


What are
top rankings
worth to you?

Sorry, but we don’t do those cheap and nasty YouTube views that only get you into trouble. We focus on quality!

Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.

CTR YouTube Views
$14 Starting @
THE GOLD STANDARD of YouTube views.
  • Boost Rankings
  • US & UK Traffic
  • 90%+ CTR Guaranteed
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*Reseller rates available upon request

Premium Engagement
$4 Starting @
Engagement so good, it will make your eyes water.
  • Real Accounts
  • Epic Comments
  • Priceless
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*Reseller rates available upon request

What will I see in my YouTube analytics?

When we boost your YouTube views and subscribers, you’ll see a boost in Click Through Rates, high user retention, your videos being searched for by actual people, the keywords they are searching for, an increase in watch time, and so much more.

Here’s an example of how we help grow YouTube videos and channels:


YouTube Analytics

Why should I be paying for YouTube promotion?

Well, you should not do anything you don’t want to, but YouTube’s the second biggest search engine in the world behind Google. For you to get the best possible chance of being seen on YouTube among the sea of competition, you simply need to consider using some form of promotion.

Think of it almost like SEO backlink building, but for your videos 🙂

What discounts are available?

If you're a reseller, we'd be happy to pass a reseller discount onto you. Just ask 🙂

How do I rank my YouTube videos?
Again, there are several factors at play here, but doing the following will give you a great headstart: Use keywords in your Title
  • Describe your video by using keywords in your description
  • Use keywords in your video
  • Use keywords in your tags
  • Name your video file the same way you would name your Title before uploading it
  • Use Claim Social Authority’s YouTube services to get you the best possible chance at succeeding on YouTube
Will I gain YouTube subscribers?

After we help get your video ranked, you may well gain subscribers, but it all depends on whether your videos are good and make people want to subscribe.

How are we different to other SMM panels or services?

Most other social media companies focus on posting a few things here and there on your behalf, sharing a bunch of useless statistics about “how they made a difference” when they haven’t. They have their fingers in too many pies to call themselves “experts”. Most, if not all, only ever focus on reselling services they have no clue about.

CSA focuses on one thing and one thing only. YouTube. For nine years solid, it has been our bread and butter. We’ve seen and done it all, so when you rely on Claim Social Authority to get more views on YouTube, you can rest assured that you will get results without a shadow of a doubt.

Can I get monetized with your service?

The short answer is "Absolutely, YES!". 

The caveat to that is that we cannot control what content your put out there, if you break the terms of YouTube and more importantly who at YouTube decides to approve you monetization request.

What we CAN guarantee you though is this. With our services, you are guaranteed to get the watchtime and subscribers you need to become eligible for monetization.

Start ranking
your videos today.

With our YouTube promotion, we not only boost your watch-time and retention, but also your overall video click-through rate (CTR). 

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