So You Wanna Buy High Retention YouTube Views?

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past couple of years or so, you would most probably have heard about “High Retention YouTube Views“. The questions you should really ask yourself are:
  1. “Do I actually know what High Retention YouTube Views are?”
  2. “Have I actually given this some thought before jumping on the, what’s become quite a large, bandwagon?”
  3. “Where has this beast been derived from?”

Let me break it down for you. Are you sitting down? There IS no such thing as High Retention YouTube Views in the eyes of Google and YouTube my friend. We’ve all been fed a fart and now we’re chewing it as though it’s a piece of gum.

If you need to buy “High Retention YouTube Views” though , here’s a breakdown

Let’s look at the phrase “High Retention” for what it really is.

Retention is the condition of retaining (keeping) something.

Looking at that, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the length of watch time when it comes to views. One way of looking at “retention” when it comes to YouTube is that if you have a steady flow of daily YouTube views to your videos, it can be seen as retention. Not how long the video is actually watched.

What high-retention views definitely isn’t, is when you buy 100,000 views and watch them all being delivered in the next 24 hours only to see your statistical graphs go up and then shoot all the way down again. That, my friend, is most definitely not retention of any sort.


Let’s ready the DeLorean and travel back in time to see where all of this YouTube algorithm nonsense started. If you’ve been in this game for a while, you will remember that fateful day back in December of 2012. When all hell broke loose.
Since that fateful day, resellers have come up with this ridiculous marketing term that has taken the YouTube community by storm. The worst though is that the biggest culprits were the Resellers as they totally misunderstood this term, “hr views“.
We all have to start somewhere and to be honest, I fell for it hook line and sinker. But thank the Lord above for providing me with a healthy functioning brain that has lead me down the path of YouTube ranking enlightenment. Through numerous hours of worries, conversations with other YouTube video experts and the like, the proverbial wool that was pulled over my eyes fell off.
I could see again and boy does the future look bright for those of you looking for quality YouTube views.
Since December 2012, everyone has experienced video losses. Script kiddies absolutely massacred this beautiful thing we had. Things looked bleak and nobody understood what was going on. Wait, maybe they understood High Retention YouTube views as “Hold on mate, we will at least retain your video for a period of time before it will inevitably get deleted”… dunno to be honest, but what I DO know is, and I’ll say it again…

EVERYONE had it wrong.

So getting back to this devilishly over-marketed term, it has absolutely nothing to do with YouTube analytics and everything to do with getting more sales from suckers like you and I. Bloody hell, if you want to give it a name and take it home at least call it something that reflects the truth like “Watch Time (hours)”.

Care to join me while we dive into your YT views Analytics?

Here’s a very basic and seriously powerful concept.

Knowing your YouTube Analytics Data can mean the difference between an Average YouTube Channel and a “Take no prisoners, I make videos on YouTube like a Boss” Awesome Channel.

If you didn’t know what I’m about to tell you, then slap yourself 3 times in the face. The whole concept behind YouTube analytics (launched all the way back in 2008) is to give you, the owner, the power to understand your audience, channel and content. Here’s the kicker though…

there is no high retention YouTube Views boys and girls.

What there is though is 2 different types of YouTube retentions and by golly I am yet to meet ONE supplier that actually knows or understands how they work. What these “suppliers” do know however is how to grab one of the available YouTube URLs out there that can increase your view count, manipulate the watch time and tell you “Hey Presto, you have 100% watch time”.

You, none the wiser, walk away with a happy song in your head only to have the video you worked on so hard can be deleted by the evil monster dude, YouTube. Bad YouTube, how dare you…

Here’s the thing, Google has little crawlers scouring the web looking at the source of the traffic sent as well as these analytics of your videos. In short, it all boils down to the following 2 reasons why your video or channel will in all probability get ghosted.

Reason 1

Where does the traffic come from, Frank?

Well John, see all these Script Kiddies sending what we now know to be BS High Retention YouTube Views?

What they do is they do not study what they apply and supply. They find something that on face value works, yet they use the same IPs and the same traffic sources to send mass amounts of views to your video. Kapeesh? In other words, they sell you cheap “high retention YouTube views” just to increase the views on your videos.

What happens then?

Well, Mr Crawler keeps eating the same IPs over and over and over and after a while he says to his dude “Hey man, something’s off. I keep eating the same IP Addresses” and poof… your “high quality video” is gone.
Ask yourself the following question. Do you think it’s natural to have your video watched thousands of times over from the same traffic sources and the same IPs? Hell no.

Reason 2

This comes down to the actual retention within Analytics. Now, don’t get confused as there are stats called Retention, but they are not High Retention YouTube Views. These views based “Average View Duration”, “Average Percentage Viewed” and “Watch Time”.

Simply put, “Audience Retention” and “Relative Audience Retention”.

Audience Retention (“High Retention Views”)

Audience retention helps you see how often each moment of your video is being watched as a percentage of total views. What you need to remember is when your video is re-watched or rewound, the end result could be that your analytics shows amounts greater than 100%. The same however goes for abandoning or fast-forwarding the video which can result in a drop of the view percentage.

It’s typical to see drop offs at the end of most videos during credits, or other footage when the main content ends. As always, try to keep viewer engagement up as long as possible.

Audience Retention High Retention Views

Understanding Audience Retention

Percentages can be more than 100% as viewers may rewind to watch a sequence more than once.

audience retention chart flat

When the line on the chart is flat, it means that viewers are watching that part from start to finish.

audience retention chart decline

Gradual declines mean that viewers are losing a bit of attention over time.

audience retention chart bumps
Spikes appear when more viewers are watching, rewatching or sharing a moment or moments of a video.

audience retention chart dips
Dips mean viewers are skipping or leaving your video at that specific part.

Still with me? Good… Let’s move on.

Before you buy YouTube views, pay attention to the following

Relative Audience Retention Rate

In a nutshell, this type of retention rate shows you how your video compares in terms of popularity with other videos of similar length. I hate having to type this, but to put it in simple terms, you want a “high retention rate” here.

Simple right? In saying that, you should always make every effort to create appealing content for your viewers.

Why, you may ask?

Well, watch times and CTR (click through rate), both a ranking factor, are of the utmost importance when it comes to searched for, suggested and recommended videos. Simply put, you need to try and understand why certain videos in your niche keep the audience engaged and why others don’t. From there, make your changes based on your valuations.

What I want to leave you with…

There is one more factor that comes into play when buying YouTube views. Can you guess what it is? No? Well, let me help you out.

Relative Audience Retention


YouTube Video Cookies or Unique Viewers

Who doesn’t like a good ‘ol cookie, right? In the world of YouTube views, cookies are a healthy thing and should not be kept away on the top shelf where little Johnny can’t reach them. In all honestly, I would say that about 95% of the so-called suppliers out there forget about this very important factor.

Further to that, most of these Script Kiddies don’t really care about these cookies either. All they really care about is pushing that view counter up. “Hey dude, I can sell you 50,000 high retention YouTube views @ .50c per 1000 views”. Please!!

Here’s an image to help clarify the cookie debacle.

Views vs Unique Views

Now, with all that out the way, if you’re sick and tired low quality and you want to buy views that actually make an impact, look no further. With so many Social Media Platforms out there, purchasing YouTube views isn’t as clear-cut anymore.

As part of your marketing strategy, you need to know what you’re getting and so let me break it down for you so you know exactly what you’ll be getting through our YouTube views service.

Ironically called HR views of course.

These video views aren’t cheap and for good reason. Social media marketing is in our blood and so if you want to grow your brand and are done buying those cheap and nasty views, stick around. Not only will you rank higher, but simply put, they are the highest quality, real YouTube views you will find. ANYWHERE. GUARANTEED.

Now of course you want to know the deets.

You’ll be getting:

⌛ All orders completes within 24 hours (48 hours in some cases)
⭐ Audience retention is between 70 – 90% (video up to 60 min in length)
⭐ 100% real human high-quality YouTube views
⭐ Unique & returning viewers (great for rankings)
⭐ Direct WatchPage views (YouTube traffic)
⭐ TIER 1 traffic (USA, UK and CA)
⭐ Average speed is 20k – 40k/day
⭐ Confidential & anonymous
⭐ Vevo Safe
⭐ Instant start
⭐ Monetization safe
As if this wasn’t enough, our YouTube services offering doesn’t stop there. We have something special in the form of CTR Audience Retention YouTube Views.
Let me explain.
Ever wished that you could have views that not only gives you mad retention, mad watchtime (time watching your video) but also incredible CTR? Wish no more my friend coz this is exactly what you’ll be getting with these views.

Here’s how it works, SO PAY ATTENTION:


  • You send us the video link.
  • We scrape your keywords and ensure that it gets searched for and clicked before sending quality views. 
  • You’ll end up getting a CTR of 90%+ as well as incredible audience retention views on your video.

Click Through Rate

Here’s what we offer:
⌛ All orders completes within 24 hours (48 hours in some cases)
⭐ Audience Retention 70 – 90% (video up to 30 min in length)
⭐ 100% real human high-quality YouTube views
⭐ Click Through Rates of 90%+
⭐ Unique & returning viewers (great for rankings)
⭐ Real views come via YouTube search results to boost CTR
⭐ TIER 1 traffic (USA, UK and CA)
⭐ Average speed is 20k – 40k/day
⭐ Confidential & anonymous
⭐ Vevo Safe
⭐ Instant start
⭐ Monetization safe
What a long post. Damn, my fingers are sore and I feel like I’ve been put in detention made to write “High Retention YouTube Views is BS” a 100 times over.
So I leave you with this parting thought. Do not be blind when it comes to your YouTube Analytics. If the end goal is to get results, you have to scrutinize, check and then check again. You’ll be one step ahead of the competition.
There are many factors at play here other than just the number of views you get.
PS: Although we come highly recommended, if you want to buy cheap views on YouTube that get you absolutely no results, consider buying from someone else.
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