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We’re the online marketing veterans. We provide a comprehensive set of results-orientated online media services that help you grow and build your online presence.

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YouTube & Spotify promotion from the specialists in the industry

At Claim Social Authority, we build the highest quality YouTube & Spotify promotional campaigns in the industry.

Placing your trust in us means that not only will you be getting the highest quality online social media promotion done, but you’ll also rest easy knowing that your online social media accounts are 100% safe.

Claim Social Authority has been building online social presences since early 2011 and provides result-oriented YouTube & Spotify promotion services.

Stamp your authority on social media with the internationally recognised social media experts.

results-driven online services

When we say our marketing efforts are real, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are.

With us, you’ll get real, and very legitimate, online social media promotions.

Results you can expect:

  • Organic growth
  • Premium Spotify royalties paid out
  • Real people leaving real comments
  • Real subscribers
  • Real promotion
  • So much more…

We use a company called TrustSpot to manage all of Claim Social Authority Reviews. We chose this route since there is no way for us to fake any of these and we feel it’s important to have that level of trust in a company you deal with.

“CSA is by far THE BEST service provider in the market. I’ve probably tested over 30 different types of providers and none of them can compare to the attention, customer service, and caliber of services to those of CSA. ” Mike C

“Claim Social Authority is the best Youtube view provider I have used, and I’ve tried quite a few others. Great user interface, great customer service, great prices and most importantly a great product.” Daniella

“CSA (Claim Social Authority) Definitely holds up to EVERY WORD that’s posted on the webpage. VERY quick with fixing and responding to orders. Great Job!!!! On helping me rank for a VERY COMPETITIVE keyword.” Travis M

“Claim Social Authority is one of the best services out there. I have tried a lot of services, but Claim Social Authority is the best. Everytime they come with something new, I’m looking forward to their new views sent feature.” Joey

further benefits for using our promotions

Professional Dashboard

Designed with you, the client, in mind. Get insight into every single campaign from one easy to use central location.


Safety a Priority

Safety is our #1 priority. We have taken every step to ensure the safety of both your account as well as your transactions with triple verification methods.

Confidential & Anonymous

Your campaigns are 100% anonymous. Nobody will ever know that you have made use of our services. We Guarantee this.

Always Updated

We consistently monitor the different social media networks to ensure that your campaigns always receive the attention they deserve without any risk to you or your accounts.


365/24/7 Support

The client panel is ridiculously efficient. But our support maintains its accessibility through our helpdesk software. Never feel left out.

Track Progress

No guesswork necessary. Track each one of your social media campaigns in real time. See exactly what’s happening with all your campaigns, as it happens.

Campaign Reporting

With every order, you have full access to all the nitty gritty details such as rankings, campaign growth, video SEO, and much, much more!

Quick Campaigns

You have the ability to place quick orders with a single click of the mouse. No complicated campaign setups. Simple. Quick. Easy.

Real-Time Status

At a glance, see all of your campaigns as well as the campaign statuses in real-time. No need to guess whether your campaigns have been completed or not. We detail everything.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate with our advanced API system for complete automation of your campaigns. This makes the process completely hands-off.


One thing we are incredibly proud of is the “Advanced Online Marketing Dashboard Toolset” that we have custom developed for you.

You are able to set up and manage your very own YouTube & Spotify Promotional Campaigns, as well as a plethora of other 5 Star online presensce boosting services.

Completed Campaigns

Happy Clients

Top Ranking Videos

The reason people use us:

There are so many so-called “experts” around claiming to be the best in the business, but alas.

See, the unfortunate truth in this industry is that people lie. Oh, and they go big when they do. Claiming to have an unrealistic amount of clients, millions of orders, fake testimonials and so much more.

We love it when they do because it’s just a matter of time until the wheels come off. And when that usually happens, they come running, to or in a lot of cases, back to us. Rest assured that when you employ us, you’re in the best possible hands.

We are 100% transparent in every which way and people appreciate it.



We are always evolving with you, our client. As our valued client, we always take your suggestions, comments and feedback to heart. This way, we are consistantly able to give you exactly what your business, brand or even clients need.

We have a 99.87% uptime, coz you know, nobody’s perfect. That being said, you’ll never struggle with creating & managing campaigns and even if you do, our beautiful support team will gladly assist you in setting up your next winning campaign.

We must be doing something right when we have a 90% client return rate. We know this because they tell us how awesome we are. Over and above all these magical clients, we have processed over 268,000 orders. Yes, you read that right!

  • WE LISTEN – 100%
  • ALWAYS UP – 99%


Stop wasting your hard earned time and money. When employing a company to take care of your YouTube & Spotify online marketing campaigns, safety, privacy, quality and results should be your TOP priority. The only company you can trust with your online social media campaigns should be Claim Social Authority.