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Providing a comprehensive set of results-orientated online media services that help you grow and build your online presence.

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Simply put, when it comes to YouTube promotion, we're the industry's best.

Placing your trust in us means that not only will you be getting the highest quality online social media promotion done, but you’ll also rest easy knowing that your brands, projects and clients are 100% safe.

Safety a Priority
Safety a Priority

Safety is our #1 priority. We have taken every step to ensure the safety of both your account as well as your transactions with triple verification methods.

Confidential & Anonymous
Confidential & Anonymous

Your campaigns are 100% anonymous. Nobody will ever know that you have made use of our services. We Guarantee this.

Professional Dashboard
Professional Dashboard

Designed with you, the client, in mind. See exactly what’s happening with all your campaigns, as it happens and get insight into every single campaign from one easy to use central location.

Great Support
Great Support

The client panel is ridiculously efficient. But our support maintains its accessibility through our helpdesk software. Never feel left out.


Our Secret

YouTube Services

Simply EPIC


online services.

Results-driven YouTube marketing campaigns.
YouTube views directly from the source.

You’ve worked hard on your project or you have a high profile client and you cannot afford problems. We drive traffic to your projects directly from Google / YouTube and so you can rest assured knowing that your and your client’s campaigns are safe as houses.

Organic user engagement

Views without engagement is about as useful as a peppermint flavoured suppository. If that wasn’t clear enough for you, you need engagement. Real engagement. We got your covered.

So much more...

There is more to a successful YouTube campaign that just views, a few likes and some comments. We also offer traffic to your websites, copywriting services and if you ask nicely, we’ll even do some quality backlinks for you. Plus a few more bells and whistles.


Yup, that’s a real, legit number above. We’ve been at this for a while now and so you’re in the most capable of hands.

Video keywords

On average, the videos we work on rank for at least 2 – 3 high value keywords on YouTube search. Given the amount of videos we’ve ranked for clients, we kinda know what we’re doing.


We help to achieve
mutual goals.

“CSA is by far THE BEST service provider in the market. I’ve probably tested over 30 different types of providers and none of them can compare to the attention, customer service, and caliber of services to those of CSA. ”
Mike C.

“CSA (Claim Social Authority) Definitely holds up to EVERY WORD that’s posted on the webpage. VERY quick with fixing and responding to orders. Great Job!!!! On helping me rank for a VERY COMPETITIVE keywords.”
Travis M.

``He just asked me to send him my channel link then he studied it and gave me instructions on how I can optimize my video and other vital tricks. Then after I optimized my video as he advised, I purchased one of the packages they offer for YouTube videos. It took just 3 days and my video blew off.... At the moment , my video is hitting like 20k views per hour and increasing. I'm confused.... This is just mind blowing``

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Stop wasting your hard earned time and money. When employing a company to take care of your YouTube online marketing campaigns, safety, privacy, quality and results should be your TOP priority. The only company you can trust with your online social media campaigns should be Claim Social Authority.

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